I grew up in Ashland riding bikes with and looking up to Nathan Riddle. Along with Alex Criss and Duncan Coppedge, he made up the trio of riders who I wanted to be like. They were all cool, older, and rode bikes like it was their chief purpose in life.

As I grew up I started to get to know all three of them better, and Nathan really stuck out in my mind as being a really good, really fast bike rider/racer who didn’t lose himself in his abilities. You meet those guys who are good, but KNOW they’re good and act that way. That was never Nathan and a lot of people could take a cue from him. Great guy, great father, great teacher, great husband. The sport of biking needs more people like him!

I was so stoked to see this video on Pink Bike! I think it does a good job of capturing Nate, what he’s like as a person and his personality as a rider. Watching it makes me think about climbing up to Four Corners with him, he on his heavy GT DHi downhill bike and me on my light little SS bike, with him staying with me the whole way up! Glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve, Nate!