The website Flat Matters says this in their About Us section, “Someone somewhere on this vast planet is progressing, we like to show that and motivate you to progress, and keep this artform/sport we all love alive.”, and that is both inspiring, but also rather astute. Someone is always progressing and I don’t just mean that in direct relation to flatland, BMX, or even bicycles in general. Bear with me . . .

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Friday at the Lake. from Gregory Tylosky on Vimeo.

Greg and I spent an hour and a half at the skatepark at Greenlake the other day and this edit was the resulting product. Gotta say that the weather in Seattle has been beautiful the past couple of weeks and I’m bummed that I am “supposed” to be off the bike for another 14 days. Oh well . . . at least Greg is making the most of things!

Oh yeah, also I’ve gotta say that Greg Tylosky is getting incredibly good. Keep an eye on this guy, you’ll be seeing A LOT more of him in the future. The dude blends flatland/street/park like it’s nothing and that sort of blend is exactly the direction that I see the future of BMX progression going . . . more on that soon.

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Greg and I have both been rocking the Fly Bikes Tierra frame for a little over a month now. While I chose the 21″ TT, Greg opted for the 19.6″ as it suits his flatland-influenced riding. Before that he was on a 20.6″ Fly Montana and before that a McNeil Travis Collier frame in a 19.5″ TT.

By now you’ve probably seen some of the clips of Greg that we’ve posted – shot on a Flip Cam!!! – so we figured we’d talk a little bit about why he went with the Tierra and how it’s been riding so far. Seeing as how Greg filmed an edit the day that he got the frame, it’s clear that he’s adjusted quickly! The Tierra is Kevin Porter’s signature frame from Fly and it just so happened that we ran into his uncle while riding at Cal Anderson park a little bit ago. Tom (if memory serves) was really stoked to find that we not only knew of Kevin Porter, but were both rocking his frame. KP (as he’s known in the BMX world) is a super creative and unique rider who does his own thing, but still shuts it down with tricks that everyone else is doing, too. A true professional.
Greg’s thoughts after the jump . . .
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Greg Tylosky Rocket Manual! from Gregory Tylosky on Vimeo.

Shot this clip of Greg last night laying down a sweet rocket manual line. Crazy thing was we ran into Kevin Porter’s uncle (and aunt I’m guessing?) at Cal Anderson! They were super stoked to see KP’s name on our frames and to hear that we were stoked on him as a rider. Small world.