Experience Zero Gravity from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Soo I’m a little obsessed with BASE jumping. And wing suits. And the idea of flying. Although it’s something that I may never do, largely because my desire to remain alive trumps my desire to fly, it’s something that I will always wish I could. I know that many people BASE jump every year and only a small portion of them die, I can’t get past the “what if” factor.

So I resort to watching videos like this and riding my bike while pretending to fly. That is good enough for moi.



I realize that I’ve been posting a lot of street-focused clips in the past couple of weeks. That’s not because this is all that I am into, but because it’s what I’ve been into more recently. There is some serious progression happening in the streets these days, both in BMX and FGFS, and that’s what I follow mainly. There’s something poetic about bring flow and style to the streets. It’s like forcing a circle peg through a square hole . . . it’s bringing “romantic beauty” to “technical beauty”, as Pirsig might frame it.

On this note, here is one of the best video segments of all time. Mike Aitken, savant of flow and style, killing it. This was right before his (helmetless) crash-induced coma and lengthy recovery period. He’s (thankfully) back on a bike now and probably working hard to enjoy it and get back to a level similar to this.

This is totally on it’s own level, though. No one can compare . . .