School started today. These are pictures from yesterday when my friends Andrew and Allison came in to town en route to NY.

I found out that one of my projects for school will be to make and maintain a blog. Hmm. I can use a current one or make a new one. Trying to figure out whether I want to flood this site with school projects. Could be interesting . . .

Anyhoo, in true Ashland fashion, we rode our bikes up through Lithia Park to the “Faerie” (my spelling) Ponds to check out the scenery. We rode road bikes and it got me thinking . . . there is something that I really love about riding a road bike on dirt, or in the woods. Not sure what it is besides the juxtaposition of an object designed for one purpose in an element that it is not supposed to excel at. Road bikes work fine on dirt for me and, in fact, they are more fun. Why hunt with a sniper rifle when you can use a recurve? Expect to see more off(road) pics and stories in the near future. Ashland has an abundance of fire roads . . .

Group shot.

Road bikes in the woods?!?

Not sure how often Chrome bags venture into the woods, but they work great.

That’s all for now. Been getting out and enjoying the town as much as possible. There are a bunch of B&W pics that I’ll be “dropping” later today, too. Fun fun fun FUN.


They Say . . .

 . . . that you never step in the same river twice.

This bounced back and fourth in my head as I sat next to Lithia Creek and dangled my foot in it’s cool water. A few minutes ago I had considered it’s flowing water to be too cold for dangling, but a couple of trepidatious attempts proved otherwise. My foot appeared much more pale than it was when viewed from under a couple of inches of snow melt-off. Chuckling to myself at my flip-flop tan, I gazed at the creek and it’s movement. You never step in the same river twice . . .
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