While the ride is definitely magical and (perhaps) what draws most of us to the sport of cycling, no one can argue that most avid (or even recreational) cyclists have some serious material object obsessions. Whether it is lusting over that $12,000 full carbon road rocket with electronically-shifting Shimano components, or the latest and greatest “All Mountain” bike that supposedly weighs EVEN less than the last iteration and is AT LEAST 15% stronger, we all have something that makes us drool. For some people it is seeing how large the cargo container is on cargo bikes, others it’s how easy the Strida folds up. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter what facet of cycling you find yourself drawn to (or attracted to?), I lust over pretty much any and all products that are cycling related. I do, however, find myself more drawn to clean lines, simplicity, uniqueness, and a small amount of flare.

But while it’s fun and cool and whatnot to gaze at stock photos on manufacturer’s website, or glossy, over lit photos from some trade show, I really enjoy seeing what sort of bicycles are actually out there in the world, under friends and people that I know. It’s one thing to enjoy a custom, one-off bike at the North American Handmade Bike Show, or a stock, mass produced bicycle at the Interbike Trade Show, but it’s another thing all together to see what sort of bike an individual picks out and what they do with it. Everyone has specific needs and desires in a bike and that is where the beauty lies.

My bikes seem to change every now and then and I really need to update this page with my current rides. That will come soon . . . until then, check out some of the bikes that I have owned!


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