Zlog Blog is another example of someone doing it right. They’re based in Seattle and originated in 2008, with a focus on bringing you “news, products, and trends within the fast growing fixed-gear culture.”

I remembering stumbling upon Zlog shortly after moving to Seattle and thinking “woah, what a cool blog . . . I’ll have to come back here”, but unfortunately with so many good sites and blogs out there I forgot for awhile. A friend of mine used to work with Daniel (Double D) at Zeitgeist Coffee downtown and I saw him at the West Side Invitational rocking a Zlog tee of some sort and was reminded.

Since the reminder to check their site (the West Side invitational was back in 2009, I think) I’ve been a regular. I can’t say that I am a part of the culture that they are representing – only riding fixies off and on – but I really appreciate the quality of the site and the apparent love for the lifestyle – which really comes across through the stories, photos, and pages.

Recently I decided to pony up and buy some of the Zlog Vadar sunglasses for the summer. Not only did I want to support a local bike site, but they’re really cool shades and super cheap. Working at a small non-profit and living on my own, things that are cheap and affordable, but still quality, are right up my alley! I placed the order on a Wednesday (I think?) and was pretty sure that I wouldn’t see the shades for awhile, since Zach Bossington (the proprietor of Zlog) was down in LA helping out with a FGFS jam. Lo and behold, the sunglasses showed up just two days later! Just one day in between and they were packed, shipped, and delivered – just in time for the weekend!

Stoked to see this with my daily mail!!

I put the shades on and was impressed by how nicely they fit and the quality of the optics for a mere $16. I tend to be a bit hard on sunglasses, too which is odd because at one point in my bike shop career, I was the very proud owner for no less than four pairs of Oakleys at one time. Since then, as I gradually lost or broke them, I try not to invest so much cash in to sunglasses that will eventually wind up leaving my life. Also, I just don’t care to rock that kind of shit anymore, it’s pricey and there are plenty of other things in life that are calling for the attention of my wallet.

Anyways, after taking a second to appreciate the packaging and the sweet little bag that I got with the Vadars, I started rocking the Zlog shades all around town and kept getting comment after comment. People loved them! Especially some of the youth at Bike Works who know about and follow Zlog. I took them on bike tour trips with work, on my ill-fated ride in the Tour de Watertower, on every bike ride I went on, and of course out on the town. In short, the Vadar shades were winners!

It's all in the small details . . .


Unfortunately they took a nasty tumble off of one of the Lake Union Electric Boats one night and we decided not to turn around and try to fish them out. This was partly due to the fact that we were running incredibly late on getting the boat back to the dock, coupled with the fact that our battery seemed to be almost out of juice, among other reasons . . .

I was a bit sad to see the shades go. As the boat inched on and I watched the dark little patch of water where the glasses had landed, I was struck by the fact that I was more sad to lose these shades than any of the Oakleys I had left on the bus/broke/forgot/etc. The Oakleys cost upwards of 10 times as much as the Zlog Vadars, but for whatever reason, I was more stoked on the Zlogs.

Moral of the story is support your local business! Doesn’t matter who they are, if you’re stoked on them and they’re doin’ it right, hit them up and rep their shit. Zlog is the best and I’ll be following Zach as he blows up even bigger and travels around the country – maybe even world – doing what he does best.

Maybe I’ll even pony up $16 for another pair of those sweet shades . . .



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