Take me home . . .

it’s strange, yes, the wind, and how it does whisper.
Did I hear something—no . . . just leaves blowing sound.
the sound can be silence; a loud sort of silence
a loud sortie of silence, in a lazy loud town.

like swimming in place, the breezes keep blowing.
the breezes keep blowing and the current remains.
a gently old breeze, a tickle, a creak.
a babbling old gust and a path made of stones.

Winter has come! Take care when you go!
. . . for the current is strong, but currently still.

dive in head first! head full of rocks!
head for the current, for what is ahead!
but where does it head . . ?
and what is a head?
take care, for these questions can come to a head . . .

Wind! Yes,

oh wind, how you rustle my feathers.

Rustle my feathers and then:
take me home.



 Do you live in Southern Oregon? Are you a cyclist? Friends of a cyclist? Friend of a friend of a cyclist? Looking for fun gift ideas for the holidays? Nothing else to do on Saturday, Dec. 3rd?

Well, if any of the above applies to you (or hey, even if none applies) you should get yerself over to 550 S. Pacific Hwy. in Talent, OR to check out the new home of Flywheel Bicycle Solutions!

In addition to checking out the new space (which is double the floor space of the old shop), Flywheel will have:

  • snacks and refreshments
  • door prizes to the first 25 people in
  • great deals on holiday gift items
  • 10% off all parts and accessories
  • 20% off all in-stock 2011 bicycles
Wow, sounds like you need to make it to this event—which runs from 10am to 7pm. Get there first for a door prize!